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HSE Management System:
HSE means Health,Safety,Enviroment.
To ensure production safety,employees work safely and customers visit safely,Kamailong strictly observes the standards of HSE management system.We have professional safety officers to train our employees and vistors regarding the HSE in all daily activities.
We are dedicated to disseminate our HSE management system to the level of understanding of each employee. We intend to work together for the enhancement and upgrade of our system for continuous improvement.

HSE Policy:
Kamailong HSE policy and objectives are achieved through our management’s commitment to HSE programs in place, accident prevention and Health and Safety Insurance for every employee above and other consideration of any job operation or administration. Our procedures give strict responsibilities for every employee’s health, safety and environmental protection.

HSE Goals:
100% Accident-free environment.
100%  no environmental damage.

For more information regarding our HSE standards, please contact us!