In the absence of pipelines, gaseous hydrocarbons may be efficiently transported and stored once they are transformed into a liquid state.

Petroleum gasses liquefy at ambient temperature by compression at a few bars (LPG), but methane (natural gas) needs to be cooled at -160°C to become LNG.

Valves for “low temperature” are those installed in arctic climates or may be exposed at rapid gas depressurization (blow down) and in this case may be “operated or not” in frozen condition as a function of the ordered configuration.

“Cryogenic” valves are normally handling liquefied gas, which like LNG need to operate at extremely low temperatures.  

Kamailong offers the most complete and most technically advanced cryogenic valve product line available from one source, including gate, globe, check, ball, double or triple-offset for liquefied gases, LNG, research labs, and superconductivity for particle accelerators and aerospace.Valves are qualified to BS-6364 with extensive testing at -196°C (Helium tested under Liquid Nitrogen bath).