In recent years,Kamailong has made great efforts to develop nuclear power plants's valves and play a critical role in the development of the nuclear power industry.Kamailong holds and maintains the necessary qualifications across the globe for the design and manufacture of our valves,to build the products your plant needs.Our engineers are equipped to run the job at the plant,repairing or replacing equipment.

The Certificate that Nuclear power plants need:

10CFR50 App B,10CFR21,ANSI N-45.2,ASME IX,NBIC-NR,CAN3 Z-299,CSA N285.0

ISO9001,GS-R-3,NQA-1 and NSQ-100

ASME Section III Class 1,2 and 3

N,NR,NPT stamps,ASME Section VIII ‘U’ stamp



JSME accreditation and certification in primary coolant,safety-related and conventional services

HAF 604,HAF601