The generation of electricity is vital for modern civilization. It can be accomplished in many ways including photovoltaic, electrochemical,solar,and wind.However,these are very small in scale. The vast majority of electrical energy generated is by turning a turbine, usually with steam.That’s where valves enter the equation,and Kamailong valves offer the advantage over competitors.

For recently years,Kamailong has provided lots of valves and valve actuators for the power industry.Requiring valves that typically see steam pressures of up to 4,500 psi and temperatures of up to 1,050 °F,Power plants must stay up and running 24/7, and the reliability of Kamailong valves ensure the durability of plant operations.

Main Projects:

●Hunan Eletric Power Engineering Company_China

● CELSE UTE Porto de Sergipe – I _ Brazil

● Beijing Eletric Power Engineering Company _ China