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Filter Device Series,For Heating And Steam
Filter Device Series,For Heating And Steam




Filter Device Series,For Heating And Steam

ze range:1/2"~20" (DN15~DN500) Pressure rating:Class 150~300(PN16-PN40)

Product Range:

Size range:1/2"~20" (DN15~DN500)

Pressure rating:Class 150~300(PN16-PN40)

Connection end:BW


Material:Carbon steel,Low temperature steel,Stainless steel etc.


Design Standards:

Design&manufacture according to GB/T12237

Face-to-face according to GB/T12221

End connection according to GB/T12221

Test&inspection according to GB/T13927


Features and benefits:

1.Impurities are and larger size particles cloud be filtered.

2.Impurities are stopped on the bottom of screens,and flow pass normally.It doesn’t increase heat losing,create internal pressure,nor reduce valves’ service life.

3.Internal pressure could be released by relief valve when cleaning and maintenance of valves,then open the drain outlet to clean the screens.