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Kamailong-2019 New Year's Eve Party

2019-01-04 14:05:42

“Time stops for no one,and the seasons keep changing.” 2018 is finished,2019 is beginning.In order to thanks all employees and customers,2019 New Year’s Eve Party of Kamailong has held in Wenzhou Pullman Hotel.

Looking back, the booming of Kamailong can’t do without the correct guidance of the President and the hardworking of employees.Thanks for all hard work emplyees,and Thanks for all clients continued support and trust!

2018 has been a full year,and we approached it with steadfast determination, finished the work excellently,and new industrial park in Jiaxing is smoothly in building.

2019 will see both opportunities and challenges that will require us to work together shoulder-to –shoulder.And we will work tirelessly for a greater Kamailong.


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