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Kamailong participated in 19th Shandong international HVAC Exhibition.

2017-04-29 09:00:04

The 19th Shandong international HVAC Exhibition was held on Apirl,27th~29th, 2017 in Jinan,Shandong province.As the most professional manufacturers of fully welded ball valves in China, Kamailong was invited to participate in this event. During the exhibition, Kamailong showed the latest products and technology of the company.

In this event,Kamailong exhibited the professional products:Underground fully welded ball valve with PE piple,and other products that mainly used to oil,gas and other high demanding industries.The products attracted many professional vistors to come round to vist and business talks.

Because the development of market,difference of application industrias and material,Kamailong continues to innovate and develop technology.We not only provides excellet proformance valves,but also provides the wonderful solution for clients.

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